Saturday, January 24, 2015

Inaugural Posting

Welcome to my first Blog posting.
This is my first blog and thought that I would use this posting to introduce myself, my studio/work space, and a few current pieces.

My media center
Another view 

Supplies and easel with a few works in progress.

A closer view (to right) shows two pieces I am currently working on. The top one is a large watercolor of Gizmo, 
my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel seated on a carpet 
making mischief. It is a fairly large watercolor 22"X 28"
You can see this piece in progress on my Facebook page; 
as each stage is completed it will be posted on Facebook. 
Below Gizmo is part of my "Pop" portraits series. I am interpreting current Pop Music artists in a Pop Art 
influenced style. The painting is Taylor Swift as America's Sweetheart. I am using acrylic pouring mediums in the construction of this painting. 

In future blog posts I will show more of my experiments in Acrylic painting and mediums. 
Bye for now.... Keep creating.